Friday, March 23, 2012

Day in the Life

I'm sure that my father would have been amazed to know that I work in an office in an old Victorian-style manor house, with a third-story view overlooking mountains, a river, and this studio:

Norman Rockwell Museum moved Rockwell's studio from its previous location near the artist's home in the center of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the Museum's new Linwood Estate property in 1987. It has been restored to look as it did when the artist was working, with original objects intact.

This week my colleague requested a short promo video about the studio to share at a tourism conference, so here is what I came up with. I shot the exterior footage outside today−we have had such warm weather here in the Northeast, that the magnolia tree in front of the studio is already starting to bloom (hopefully not too soon). The inside of the studio is open to the public from May to October, and this interior footage I actually shot a couple years ago, with hopes of putting together a documentary about the reinstallation process... I'm still finding the time to complete that, so here is a little taste of what it's like to sit behind that famous easel.

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