Monday, March 12, 2012

Open Says Me

I've been busy compiling a playlist for my upcoming stint DJing on Capital Region radio station WEXT. I tell you, it's harder than it looks... there are plenty of great songs I would love to include, but I only get an hour... so I need to make this count−only the cream of the pop/rock crop! The other thing is that there is an art to making the "perfect mix tape"−it all has to flow just right. 

The Scottish band Travis will definitely be there. They're one of the best groups I have discovered over the past ten years, and I have a real fondness for their work: great melodies, melancholic strains... the kind of music I dig. Also a great frontman in singer/writer Fran Healydefinitely worth catching live. I had a chance to interview the band back in 2007 for my TV music program; here's a clip:

So yes, lots of "openness" planned for this upcoming radio show (hush, Sarah!). I'll also have a chance to plug the interviews I have filmed with many of the artists that I will be playing here. I record later in the week.

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