Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fever!

Sarah's irises in bloom!
Flowers ©Sarah K. All rights reserved.
Happy first day of spring... it feels more like summer around these parts. Windows down... people out walking... flowers blooming... sundresses(!)... and music (of course).

Sarah and I won tickets to see the Philadelphia band Dr. Dog tonight... I mean BOTH of us won a pair of tickets to see them! Rather funny, but looking forward to the show. They have an interesting sound, that reminds me a little of one of my faves, Delta Spirit.

Speaking of Delta Spirit, I have given their new album a couple listens. It sounds good, but I'm still not sure if it will grab me the way Ode To Sunshine did. There are albums that grow on me though... so we'll see. 

One album that I absolutely LOVE is Bruce Springsteen's latest, Wrecking Ball. I have never been a big Bruce fan, but the first track, "We Take Care Of Our Own" and, as it turns out, the rest of the album has such an energy... Bruce is pissed at a lot of the tensions happening in the U.S... rightfully so! 

Listening to Bruce's album on Spotify, I was caught unaware when it started playing a couple of his older albums in the cue immediately afterward. When I realized this was, in fact, Darkness On The Edge of Town and The Promise, it made me think that I have been mostly unaware of why he has been so greatly admired (love his version of "Because The Night")! A similar thing happened with Bob Dylan recently... I blame it on growing up during the '80s, when both of these artists were widely viewed as ├╝ber-commercial or past their prime. I love being enlightened...

Spotify is a great place to check out albums-- I love it! I'm going to go and listen to a bit of the Shins' latest, Port of Morrow. Again, another band that has been so widely hailed, but the music I had been hearing to this point just sounded pretentious or "hipster-approved." I must admit that I love their latest, "Simple Song," and just heard another good one as I drove home today... they just sound like they're actually enjoying themselves (with falsettos and everything).

So I hope this great weather continues, so I can listen to new/old tunes, and sing at the top of my lungs... look for me along I-90... I'm not ashamed!

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