Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Most High Def-initely

Tech nerds rejoice! Apple announced the release of its latest iPad today: due out March 16, it will feature a new, sharper display screen and 4G service (that's a lot of Gs). I have been really tempted to buy one myself after hearing all the raves (even from my Mom!). I don't have a laptop, so it would be great to have a portable device that was smaller than my iMac and bigger than my smartphone, that I could work on away from home. I was actually checking out the iPad 2 last night at Verizon, and I do love the interface. The only drawback is that Adobe doesn't seem to offer their products for the tablet... and, of course, once you buy the damned thing, they will announce an entirely new, updated version on the way. Love/hate that about you, Apple.  

Anyway, even Norman Rockwell Museum is trying to keep up with the technology boom... bless 'em. We have been talking about various mobile applications, and next week the Museum will once again offer a workshop on digital animation art. A five-week after school offering, it is being taught by cartoonist Scott Lincoln, who had previously taught the course−a mix of traditional drawing and computer work. I created a promotional video for that last workshop, so in the spirit of social networking/viral cross-promotion, blah blah blah, here's another embedded YouTube clip to share with y'all:

For more information on the class, visit Norman Rockwell Museum's website:

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