Friday, March 9, 2012

Speaking of Activism...

I'm trying to wrap my head around this whole viral video about fugitive African rebel leader Joseph Kony that has been popping up on Facebook and in the media this week. Sarah and I watched the video tonight-- it sure is slickly produced, and there's something about the tone that doesn't set right with me. 

From "The issue with social media is really highlighted by Invisible Children. The number of “likes” on your Facebook page is not necessarily related to the quality of information you share. Social media allows making anything viral, quickly. People often do not look into the substance of the message, or even watch the video you are sending. Once you become a brand, you can do anything. Invisible Children has successfully become a brand, but is sharing information that is far from nuanced and based on emotional reactions. It fails to paint the full picture."

I'm thankful to learn more about the issue, but it's time for more research: about the atrocities of Joseph Kony, the current situation in Uganda, and the background of this group of filmmakers. 

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