Saturday, March 17, 2012

With a Little Luck...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It was a beautiful day, so we took the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. We joined Sarah's family for a hike around the Plotterkill Preserve in Schenectady County−it was a little muddy in parts, but things are starting to come to life, and the smell of pine trees mixed with other foliage was good for the spirit. 

There were still patches of ice here and there, and the nearby river was racing (appearing, at times, like flowing milk). We were hoping to add another waterfall to our list, but the connecting point on our trail appeared to have washed away by last year's Hurricane Irene storm, so we just enjoyed a healthy hike and each other's company.

I was feeling a little down earlier in the day, so I think a walk in the woods was just what I needed. Playing uncle to Sarah's two nephews is also good fun−a further chance to be silly and to entertain. It goes without saying that I am a lucky man to have such a lovely fiancee, and equally blessed to enjoy spending time with her family. Now if only my other great wish for the year would come true. I didn't find a four-leaf clover, but here's hoping that the couple pints of Guinness from the night before will offer me a spot of that old "Irish luck" that I need... back to "work" tomorrow.

Photos by Jeremy Clowe. All rights reserved.

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