Thursday, July 19, 2012

For Better or Worse

We`re having a wonderful time in Montreal. Last night we caught a live theater show, which in some ways was wilder than anything that took place during my bachelor party-!... Canadians seem to have a lot less hang-ups than their North American counterparts. We have also been enjoying some amazing meals... usually served with fruit, which is ok by me.

Of course we keep thinking back on our wedding--in some respects it all seems a little surreal... having all of our loved ones in attendance... having all the attention focused on us. We have been so happy to get a sneak preview of photos, and can`t wait to see what our professional photographer and videographer have come up with.

Having said that, there are things I wish could have gone differently (damn melancholy). We received a bit of rain, but there`s nothing we could do about that, and it seemed to add to the poetic nature of the ceremony... starting almost on cue, and then clearing up not long thereafter (there was also a rainbow at the end of the day). People tell me it is good luck, so I`ll keep that in mind... at the moment, I just wished I had a handkerchief. I have to remember to be more vocal about what I want... not be concerned about coming off too pushy... I mean, this was our big day!

Most everything went off without a hitch, but I do have some mixed feelings about the music. We had compiled a huge list of songs, and it seemed like many were ignored. I don`t know if it was poor communication on our part, or the DJ didn`t have the songs... but this went differently than I had expected. I`m not saying it was all bad... our guests were having a blast, but again... it was our big day--once I realized it was the last song, I felt a little cheated. We`re thinking about throwing a big dance party to make up for it, and celebrate our wedding and my upcoming birthday... maybe I`ll look into renting the dance club where we met.

Of course we`ll look back and have the fondest of memories, but right now the perfectionist in me is trying to get over a few sour grapes- a reminder not to rely on others for the fulfillment of what you want out of life. I think it might be harder for people who are sensitive... but this also makes our intuition stronger, and I am never wrong when I listen to that.

One of the highlights of our trip has been a trip to the botanical gardens yesterday... you could spend a full day in this beautiful area of the city, not far from where the Olympics were held. Sarah wanted to visit the Japanese garden, and it was a real treat--it was partnered with a Chinese garden, and an insectarium. Walking around these beautiful gardens had a real calming effect on me, and reminded me of the value of getting out into nature, as well as the power of feng shui--I believe very strongly in the effect that your surroundings can have on you, in both well-being and creativity.

How can you not feel creative in this city? As an English-speaking American visiting a largely French-speaking area, it is a lesson in seeing the everyday in new eyes... and I`m finally getting the hang of the French-Canadian keyboard! More adversity, more challenges to conquer... in my life it seems unavoidable, but the benefits of perserving are ultimately quite rewarding... like a kiss in the rain...

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