Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the great Rolling Stones! I was always more of a Beatles fan myself, but have become more and more enamored of the Stones as time has gone by. I also have to thank Mick, Keith, et. al. for bringing me to Albany back in September 2005 to attend their live show. I met Sarah later that evening, and we've been joined at the thumbs ever since!

Funny enough, this song was one of the first I remember dancing to with Sarah (and it wasn't even 80s!). The lyrics don't really fit our relationship, but I love the song, and now it always reminds me of the way I literally swept her off her feet on the dance floor... yes, I even twirled her around on the first date... and we had only just met! That was a good sign of things to come... even then.

It's hard to believe that the Rolling Stones' story started 50 years ago, playing their first show on July 12th, 1962 at London's Marquee Jazz Club. Talk about longevity and staying considerably strong... I was amazed at that 2005 show how they could still blow many young musicians' away with their energy.

Of course I think I have been channeling the "moves like Jagger"--he certainly embodies the rock and roll spirit, and I try to emulate some of that with my own performing.

So here's to the Stones... I know, it's only rock and roll, but I like it! May you continue burning bright, and thanks for helping me find... satisfaction!

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