Monday, July 2, 2012

Love and War

Oh dear. Looks like TomKat is on the skids. Yes, while we talk of happy weddings, it seems the fairy tale is over for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It's been about six years since TC was jumping up and down on Oprah's couch... I know this because that's when War of the Worlds came out, and people began talking about their relationship. Yes, he was acting very strange indeed... like a man in love? Perhaps... I tried to offer my own advice during my audition tape for the movie's red carpet contest. 

I remember back in late high school being impressed by Cruise--I sort of tried to copy that super-confident, charming manner... he was the guy who could do anything on screen... fly planes? No problem... play a perfect set of pool? You rack 'em, I'll smack 'em... Make a mean martini? Gotcha covered... I also kind of admired his hairdo (especially in Cocktail)--when I read in an article that one of his biggest pet peeves was his "bone-straight hair," I felt an instant kinship. I'm not sure at that time I ever imagined I would one day be standing next to him on the set of a major Hollywood picture. 

I had promised before to post some of my personal photos from my time as an extra on the set of War of the Worlds, so here you go... even one of me on top of the ferry (we did several takes, and I made it to the top on the last try). 

All photos by Jeremy Clowe. All rights reserved.
It was a wonderful, surreal experience... there was even a stunt double for Cruise walking around--he had a bit of an attitude, even bad-mouthed the extras while waiting for a drink in the small cafe near set-- I kept my mouth shut... I knew the real TC would never talk like that... no, not Tom with the perfect hair. When I stopped in the cafe, I saw a sign that said "All drinks paid for by TC"-- well, I think this was intended for the major players of the movie who had taken over the restaurant, so I had to take him up on it. I ordered a latte... named it the "Top Gun" special. 

So I'm sorry to hear about all these recent developments, TC--the next latte is on me.

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