Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Art of Improv

RBIT get their "dance on." Photo courtesy Student Educational Development Fund. 
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Man, there's a lot going on right now... more than enough to do. Tomorrow I have another gig with The Royal Berkshire Improv Troupe (RBIT) at the Spectrum Playhouse in Lee, MA. (show starts at 7:30 p.m.). We had a rehearsal tonight, and it was good fun--after a week of dealing with technology, it was nice to "unplug" and get my improv on. 

Actually, I had a strange sense of déjà vu last Sunday, when my video art instructor gave us a list of different words and emotions to go try to find on the streets of Troy, New York. We had about a half an hour or so to go shoot footage to represent the concepts--It was the same idea as improv--don't think about it too much, go with your gut feeling, etc. I found it challenging to work with these familiar ideas in a different medium! For the list of words I chose "winning," and represented it with, among other things, a couple walking past a series of engagement ring ads, and a demolished building standing beside a newer structure. Troy serve as an excellent study in the art of winning and losing. No offense, Trojans... but the city has seen better days. The arts scene is picking up, but this used to be a city known for its manufacturing industry. For an emotion, I chose "love"--one idea I had was to duck into a very fragrant flower shop I passed by, and do a sweeping pan of the room... really, I think the idea of the class is to get even more "abstract" and "feeling" than literal--exactly the challenge I was looking for.  

RBIT continues to be a great exercise in itself--working with a team, listening, and trusting your impulse. Like singing, it is fun to just breathe, respond and take it in. I think our new group is starting to just "chill out" and not try to force the funny. I was actually interviewed for a local paper today about the group for an upcoming article, and I related how improv has taught me some very useful skills... not only for performing, but life in general... I believe it's called being "in the moment."

Those interested in a little "off the cuff" comedy are in luck this weekend--in addition to tomorrow's show, RBIT will be performing back out in North Adams, MA (where it all began!) on Saturday, April 21. The show will be taking place at Mill City Productions, the city's newest theater venue. Due to other engagements (including my engagement), I will only be doing tomorrow's show... but I guarantee it will both evenings should be more fun than a barrel of funky monkeys.

Ok, time to go catch some zzzz's, and rest up for busy weekend... 

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