Saturday, April 7, 2012

Virtual Insanity

Saturday morning. Glad the weekend has arrived. 

The last week was a hectic one at work, busy handling press about Norman Rockwell Museum's involvement in Google Art Project. I conducted a long interview yesterday with WFCR-FM, New England Public Radio, about the Art Project; and I will be doing a live interview about the Museum on Monday, April 7, with WKNY Radio in Kingston, New York. Here are links to listen to both stations on Monday−the WKNY interview will be starting around 9:15 a.m., and WFCR will air later that day:

Today is bright and sunny out here in the Northeast−a perfect day to get away from the computer screen, and take in some fresh air and exercise... but look at Google's latest state of the art endeavor−soon, the virtual and everyday may be even further entwined... arrrgh!

I have mixed feelings about these augmented-reality glasses−social interaction already seems to be deteriorating in some ways, and do these computer-enabled programs help make us smarter or more dumbed-down and dependent? 

Hmm... well, enough virtual world for now. Sarah and I are going to head out, maybe stop at a bookstore, and try and get "off the grid"...

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