Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Om" is where the heart is

I thought I would do things a little different today and turn the spotlight over to my beautiful fiancée, Sarah. It's her birthday today-- a BIG one! She celebrated by finally using the day pass I gave her to Kripalu, a world-renowned yoga center located in the Berkshires. I have done more pilates myself, but have been to both Kripalu and Soluna centers nearby, and appreciate the strengthening and meditative qualities of yoga... would love to learn more.

Sarah has actually received her certification to teach yoga to children, which is great−as a museum educator (and aunt), she is great with kids... they all seem to love her, and her creative side certainly shines through in her teaching. The following photos are from a free workshop she offered to families during a community day in Schenectady, New York a couple years ago. I was impressed with the way she turned the practice into a fun game that encouraged the kids' imaginations. 

Om... waiting for my "yogi-to-be" to come home so that we can celebrate with friends over dinner. Here's hoping she comes back recharged, refreshed and renewed for the new year... and hopefully can squeeze more yoga teaching in there as well... namaste...


Photos by Jeremy Clowe. ©Sprouting Yogis. All rights reserved.

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