Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pole Position

Well I have been interested, but haven't really managed to watch much of the Olympics this summer. I catch glimpses here and there... swimming like the dolphins can swim, knock-down volleyball matches, gravity-defying gymnastics, and this event, which I actually used to do for a brief spell back in high school:

Well... she makes it look a lot better than I did (uh, yeah... I better watch that again). Actually, Russia's Yelena Isinbayeva was on "track" to be the first woman in history to win the same individual event in three straight Olympics, but Team USA put a stop to that--last Monday, Jenn Suhr of nearby Fredonia, New York, won the gold medal for polevaulting, after clearing 4.75 meters at her second attempt (Isibayeva took the bronze, behind Yarisley Silva from Cuba, who won silver). As for the men, it sounds like an interesting year... with a #PoleVaultersMutiny over how many competitors will be in contention for a medal tomorrow (14 over the planned 12), and... this (oh snap!).

I'm actually much more into running now than I was back in my high school track days. Over the last decade, I have gone through periods where I have been pretty active with my running (and my legs prove it). 

Following our wedding, I have found myself a little exhausted and overbooked to keep a consistent workout routine... and I've been feeling it. Some aches and stiff back last night told me that I have to find a way around this.

So... this morning I woke up early and went for a good, healthy run in the Hudson Valley--first thing, right before work and other distractions entered my field. The difference in the way I felt was obvious as the day wore on. 

Again and again I realize that it's better to just face life's adversity head-on, and do away with it. I have had some rather blue feelings over the last couple weeks, but am finding new ways to deal with that, rather than just accepting it. Some of my hang-ups have been rather silly, but it still has something to do with my sense of controlling my own destiny.

We're getting ready for a weekend camping trip with some longtime friends--I'm looking forward to getting out in the fresh air, but also anxious to get back next week to continue some of my independent creative projects... yes, looking to vault ahead even further in the second half of 2012.

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