Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here's To The Dads...

I spent most of the day finishing up the multimedia for our upcoming spoken word performance. I managed to come up with some sequences that really work well... I think it will look real nice.

Me, Dad, + Gwen. c. 1972.
Photo by Lori. ©Jeremy Clowe. All rights reserved.
I also spent part of the day listening to an old tape of my Dad playing the organ (like my mother, he was a talented musician). I know... that sounds a little depressing, but Sarah and I are hoping to find a suitable passage to use during our wedding ceremony. I lost my father during high school, and I still find myself thinking about him from time to time... I certainly would have wanted him here to help us celebrate the big day... I feel fortunate to at least have music and many memories that I can share. Listening to the tape, I am reminded of his great skill as a pianist... flawless, really... 

Later in the day we went over to Sarah's folks' place for dinner. Her father is a great guy... an engineer who is quite clever at coming up with fun things for Sarah's nephews to do. The zipline was down, but we had good fun playing with a bottle and water balloon launcher. Mark is always interesting to talk to... he likes the outdoors, and I think has done several of the Adirondack hikes. 

©Ernest Barnes. All rights reserved.
On the topic of Dads, I have to also give a shout out to my stepfather Ernie. I thank him for being in my Mother's life. He also enjoys the outdoors, and is quite a talented artist--here is my chance for me to plug his work. I think he has really come a long way with his watercolor paintings... they look richer and richer each time. I enjoyed seeing a collection of his  work when it was on view in a new gallery back in my hometown a couple years ago. Anyway, here is a link to his website:

These men are good inspiration... maybe in the next year or so I will need it myself! Happy Father's Day.

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