Friday, June 8, 2012

Sight Tour v.2

Tonight we headed to the big city... Hudson, New York, that is. We're actually heading out to New York City tomorrow to meet with the rabbi who will be co-officiating at our wedding, so we decided to kick back in my parents' home town for the evening.

I have blogged about this before, but Hudson has changed so much since the days when I used to visit it as a kid. It really feels like an extension of New York City now, with hip shops, restaurants, and random, eclectic things to look at, mixed with the history that this charming little town has always offered. Tonight we grabbed some barbecue, hung out in the park, and walked up Warren Street... mostly doing window-shopping, but it was good fun.

There are plenty of antique shops that line the street, but one building always has us intrigued when we walk by... and for good reason! There, staring at us from the shop window is a bottle from the Heinrichs' bottling company that Sarah's family used to run in New York State! We have looked into trying to purchase the bottle, but apparently the shop is just kept by the owners as a bit of a hang-out... so good look trying to get the roasted peanuts they have advertised in the window. 

I like this town. Always have. My Dad used to live near a bowling alley that my grandfather ran, which I think is now becoming a big art center. Wow... time flies, and the river keeps on turning...


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