Friday, June 1, 2012

Month of Heroics!

July is going to be some month. A wedding, honeymoon, birthday, and two superhero movies... Ok, the movies are the least of my concerns, but they do look promising:

My best man played an extra in the Batman film, shot partially in Pittsburgh's Heinz Field--a life-long dream for him, I think... at one point I think he thought he was Batman! Also, the director of this Batman series, Chris Nolan, brings an indie film sensibility to the films. As I blogged before, Nolan's movies would work as cohesive stories, even without the fancy spandex. I don't know a lot about the Bane character though... I was always more of a Marvel guy. And Anne Hathaway as Catwoman... eh...

Spider-Man... well, he was always my favorite character. I always related to that "get knocked down, get up again" character. When I heard they had a new movie coming out already with a new Spidey... I thought it seemed a little unnecessary. But having watched a couple of these trailers, it looks interesting. I like they way he is moving around in his suit, which makes me think that they are relying on less CGI (or it just looks better). The actor playing Spidey... hmm... verdict is still out, but the Gwen Stacey thing is interesting, and Lizard is a nearly forgotten old-school villain that just might look cool on the big screen... Sarah regularly shows reptiles and snakes at her science museum, so I'll have to ask her for accuracy...

Speaking of which, I better sign off. Tomorrow is her bridal shower, and she has to get up rather early. I feel somewhat guilty when I am doing creative work or blogging when she is around... hmm... we'll have to work on that one. With great power comes great responsibility... 

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P.S.- Both movies have really great poster designs! I am impressed with the creativity on both counts (courtesy + © official websites).

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