Friday, June 15, 2012

One Love, One Heart

I love Bob Marley... that Legend album has received many a spin in my household. This brings back memories of my high school mission trip to Jamaica... when we weren't busy helping to build houses, we used to hear sweet reggae blasting from the dance halls in town... nearly all night! Cute video here... I have never seen it before... someone says that is Marley's son Damian Jr. Gong, who has gone on to become a successful recording artist in his own right, but I think that might just be a rumor. However, that is definitely Paul McCartney mugging for the camera, as well as Madness... probably a few other celebs in there.

My reason for posting the song is to mark ONE MONTH until the big day for me and my love. Maybe we'll add this to the wedding playlist... there should be one or two Marley tunes in there.

Here is another awesome song I came across today... a remixed version of Mister Rogers singing "Garden of Science"-- very creative! Normally I hate auto-tune, but this is sweet, as was Fred Rogers:

You could say this fit my overall vibe today... I stuck around my new "neighborhood" of the Capital Region, and worked with Time Warner on a commercial for the Howard Pyle exhibition. It really came out great... I can't wait to share it. 

It really was an ideal day... working on video production with other talented professionals, lunch with the missus, and a sun-soaked Friday afternoon... just in time for the weekend!  Off to improv... yea mon!

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