Sunday, June 3, 2012


Thank you, thank you friends and family. I finally had a chance to look through all the great gifts that we received at Sarah's bridal shower yesterday. We so appreciate your thoughtfulness, and Sarah was delighted to have you join her... I wish I had stopped by earlier myself!

Among the gifts, Sarah's sister put together a really sweet book of photos of the two of us... some I had never seen before. On top of that, my cousin dropped off an amazing group of old photos of me and my father's family... there's one of me and my grandfather (who I never really got to know) which is particularly sweet.

Tonight we met up with the photographer for our wedding, and I'm really excited--he seems like a great guy and does truly exceptional work (he's the one who took those grand shots of us dancing, that I use as my profile image). In addition to the wedding, he has offered to do some engagement photos for us in the coming weeks. He seems like a real people person, with a great eye for story and detail--I enjoyed talking with him. We're going to be in good hands and great company for our big day.

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