Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tomorrow (and What Must Come Before)

It has been a scorcher couple of days... temperatures hitting the 90s with humidity feels like 100 degrees. Hopefully it will break tomorrow...

Morrissey is coming to the Capital Region! I can't believe it, but it's true... tickets go on sale tomorrow morning for an October show at the Palace Theater. Back in the early '90s I was a big fan--loved the Smiths, and his solo albums Your Arsenal and Vauxhall & I,... around that time people said I somewhat resembled him... huh. He had a pretty cool look going back then, so I guess I appreciated the thought.

One of his songs from that period was called Hold On To Your Friends, and I've been thinking of the idea of lasting friendships a lot lately in terms of our wedding. Of course I'm marrying my best friend, but what of others you come in contact with during your life? My groomsman Frank and I were talking about the idea of a guest list being something of a time capsule, representing where you are at that moment in your life. Although there are the occasional misfires, one of the advantages to being older is that I am a pretty good judge of the friends I can count on... I look forward to celebrating with them real soon.

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