Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dressed for Success

I've been feeling a bit of the "heat" this past week, so I decided to take the day off from the Museum today. It gave me a chance to catch a breath, save some cash from my hour-long commute, and do my "homework"... as Sarah puts it.

I started the day by working on some visuals for the Spoken Word Almanac Project's mid-year show... Trayvon Martin, freedom of speech, and Obama are just a few of the many topics being covered so far. Fortunately, the group has narrowed it down to a definite list of at least one poem by each artist that will be included in the show. This will help me to focus in the next week on laying something down before I need to hand it off to the show's producers to finish. Unfortunately I won't be able to join the group for the show that is scheduled to take place on June 30th... that's the day of my bachelor party, and I'm not sure I should even try and pre-visualize that!

Around noon I switched my attention to the wedding, and hit the town to visit a few tuxedo shops. Sarah was working, and I have to admit that I felt a little "lost" without her... I know what looks good, but it's hard to remember all the details regarding what will complement the bridal party... plus, it's just more fun to have her around. However, by the end of the day I stumbled upon a place that might just work in terms of outfitting me and my groomsmen. Sarah met me at the shop late in the day, and then we walked up to the road to grab a meal at one of our favorite Indian restaurants. An hour or so later it was off to the gym, and back home to watch the finale of Glee... the running theme of the day seemed to be about changes and style... maybe it's better to not stray to far from what works... classic with a modern twist.

On that note, here is a video my SWAP colleague Darian Dauchan just released today with his hip-hop group The Mighty Third Rail:

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