Thursday, May 17, 2012

Improv Berkshires

This afternoon I represented the Museum during a PR event at Mass MoCA. I worked from home in Schenectady in the morning, and then drove directly to the inspired contemporary art museum located in North Adams, Massachusetts. It was quite a pretty drive--lush, green hills enveloping my ride on either side. 

I also had a chance to get a quick peek inside the galleries of the museum's converted factory building. North Adams has a cool energy, with a strong visual arts scene anchored by MoCA.

It seems a little less pretentious than some areas of the county, and probably a little more hip to young visitors.

My improv group used to rehearse/perform each week in North Adams at the old Main Street Stage. I used to enjoy heading out there. Coincidentally, after the meeting I drove back to Lee, Massachusetts to rehearse for our show being held at the town's Spectrum Playhouse tomorrow, May 18, at 7:30 p.m. 

This will be an interesting event, as we are teaming up with another improv group called Jellyfish, which is based in the Pioneer Valley. After RBIT performs some of its "hits," Jellyfish will be doing some long-form improv, which I am interested in seeing. We have started to play around with this format (a game called "follow the leaver," where the scene is changed each time an actor leaves the stage) and will attempt to team up with Jellyfish for a musical long-form at the end of the event. We'll see how it goes... I think it will be good for us to challenge ourselves, and see what insight we can gain from other performers.

More details about tomorrow's event can be found at our website: 

Photos taken at Mass MoCA/North Adams. Jeremy Clowe. All rights reserved.

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