Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot and Bloggered

Man, it's too hot to blog today... too hot to do much of anything. It's been hazy, hot and humid right from the time I left for work this morning. I think I saw that the temps had reached about 90 degrees... feels like we have jumped into the dog days of August! 

JC chillin' in the HV (from the "Hayride Series").
Photo ©Jeremy Clowe. All rights reserved.
My recent tuxedo search has me hoping that it will be a little cooler come mid-July. Hmm... following my recent trip to the farm, maybe it's time to consult The Old Farmer's Almanac (I bought a copy when we were trying to figure out wedding dates). Let's see... July... uh oh. Here's the forecast: "T-storms, humid." But really... how accurate can this stuff be? May 25-31: "Sunny, very warm." Ulp... 

Well it was like this until my drive home... the sky opened up and, thankfully, refreshed the scene (although I don't think the guy who hydroplaned a few feet back on the freeway would share my sentiment). For some reason, hearing the summer rain come down tonight reminds me of my time in Rochester in the mid-90s, where I used to record the audio of rainstorms to use in video and audio projects. Occasionally, I would even replay my "rain" to fall asleep. Not a bad idea now... after a trip to the gym, we are both exhausted--time to hit the hay (with apologies to the almanac)...

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