Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 'Real' Super Tuesday

Speaking of movies, Sarah and I won tickets to see the new Avengers movie tonight—I'm super-excited because this was one of my favorite comic books growing up... particularly from middle school to high school (my peak comic book collecting years)! 

I was always a Marvel Comics fan growing up, favoring characters like Spider-Man, The Hulk and Wolverine, over Superman and the rest of the DC Comics do-gooders (you're usually a fan of one comic universe or another). To me, Marvel's characters seemed more real... they had everyday problems they had to face in between saving the world, which made the ongoing stories much more interesting. The books also showed the characters arguing and struggling to work as a team—from the previews, it looks like The Avengers will offer that in spades:

I'm curious to see how they will pull it off. Superhero movies are huge right now, but they have been rather hit or miss (Batman: The Dark Night= hit, Ang Lee's Hulkmiss). I'm rooting for The Avengers though—I think it's the first time they have gathered so many top-name characters together for one of these movies, and I like what they did with Captain America and the first Iron Man. Now if they can just do justice to Hawkeye... 

I'll try and post a review about the movie tomorrow, and talk more about why I loved this book so much in the 1980s... "Avengers Assemble!"

Movie website: marvel.com/avengers_movie

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