Thursday, May 10, 2012

Learning The Craft

What stands in the way of creativity?...

Filmstrip lamp created by
Erika M. Klein. All rights reserved.
I would say time and self-confidence. For a career in TV/film production, it gets a little more involved... I was talking to a filmmaker today, who just moved from Los Angeles, and she said that it is who you know and how much money you have that determines how fast you advance in this business.

I have been working hard this year to advance on all fronts. I try and keep my eyes open to see how other artists make a go of it. 

In my soon-to-be extended family, I have relatives who are doing quite well. Last Saturday Sarah's sister Natalie and cousin Erika held a joint crafts fair, and it was cool to see the various ways that they can express themselves through the art of crafting.

I was immediately struck by the colorful lamps created by Erika. She takes film trailers and turns them into lampshades. The idea started with a dress made out of filmstrips, which is also very cool. I first saw her creative use of recycling at a fashion show last year−it's very interesting.

Owlrey Jewlrey created by
Natalie Klein. All rights reserved.
Natalie has been creating jewelry for some time, and this year has started using an owl theme (inspired by her college). The work is elegant and whimsical−no doubt fun to wear.

The two ladies obviously spend a good deal of time focused on their creative work. I am envious, but determined to find a way to make art my sole concentration as well. I guess dealing with limitations can force you to be more creative and focused.

Perhaps I need to spend more time checking out galleries or exhibits... getting involved in functions where I can meet other creative people. 

There is a lot of good work being done, and I think I am entitled to share a space in that artistic community. Maybe I'll just have to start hanging out with my relatives more often...

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